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About The Circumcision

- Babies only, up to 6 months old.

- Performed at the comfort of your home

- Completely natural.

- Anesthetics pain-relief ointment applied on the spot

- Procedure takes less than 90 seconds!

- Healing time- less than 12 hours

- I speak Spanish.

- I'm available 24/6 post circumcision! (except Sabbath)

Cost and payment methods


  • Your total payment is $499

  • Cash or credit card

  • No fine prints or extra fees


 About Rabbi Joseph


Hi, and congratulations on the new addition to your family.

My name is Rabbi Joseph Srugo, I was born in Argentina and currently live in Aventura, FL.


I've been performing circumcisions on newborns and infants in south Florida for the past 17 years. I try, in a balanced way, to circumcise babies in the most natural, safest and painless way.


I take great responsibility in my work, especially by being available to parents 24/7 post circumcision.

You can call me for any questions or concerns, and I'll take the time to answer you.

Enjoy your new baby,

​Rabbi Joseph 


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